We are ready to help you enjoy living.
Love is the most valuable thing in life, it guarantees life enjoyment and fulfilment, regardless of age, gender, status, sexuality, religion and ethnicity.
At Love Defence we understand that every human being across the world is UNIQUE, BLESSED, KIND, LOVING, HAPPY and AMAZING. We believe each human being possess the capacity to LOVE, BE HAPPY and CREATE HAPPINESS in life.

Love Defence is a game that fixes all life issues except: “Death”.

Mrs Dent and her Team uses the Love Defence Game, to teach and help individuals and couples to defend and increase their self-love, plus to ensure self-love NEVER shrinks and/ or become destroyed by anyone and build successful relationships through a fun, educational and emotional game.

What Love is:

  • Love is eternal.
  • Love is kind
  • Love is happy with truth
  • Love never gives up
  • Love is faithful
  • Love is hopeful
  • Love is patient
  • Love never fails
  • Love is always happy
  • Love bring happiness

What Love is not:

  • Love is not jealous
  • Love is not conceited
  • Love is not proud.
  • Love is not ill-mannered
  • Love is not selfish
  • Love is not irritable
  • Love does not keep a record of wrongs
  • Love is not happy with Emptiness

Ready to defend and increase your Love? Then let’s play love Defence.


Why ?

Because Love Defence offers a true formula that gives real, instant, and amazing results within seconds whenever it’s played.

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A fun, educational and emotional online game that uses five life actions known as The Five Life Do’s (5LDo’s) or The Five Marriage

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By being Loving, Nice,
Kind and Truthful
at all times in life.

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